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Nick Kelch

Associate Advisor & Operations Specialist

Nick is a dedicated and results-driven associate advisor known for embodying a deep commitment to excellence. With unwavering enthusiasm, he plays a pivotal role in the financial advisory team, passionately supporting clients in their pursuit of financial success. Nick brings a fresh perspective and an unrelenting dedication to delivering outstanding financial services.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in Business Administration from Northern Kentucky University, Nick has been on a path of continuous learning and professional development. His educational foundation, coupled with his passion for finance, empowers him to provide invaluable support to clients and the team.

Committed to the same client-centric approach valued by the team, Nick recognizes the uniqueness of each client and believes in offering a tailored approach to their financial journey. He strives to build trust and strong relationships by providing exceptional support and demonstrating a genuine commitment to clients’ financial success.

Beyond the professional realm, Nick, a sports enthusiast who follows Ohio State Football and the Cincinnati Bengals, spends his free time with his fiancé, engages in gym activities, and occasionally enjoys golfing. His love for travel and quality time with his cat Zeus are additional facets of his personal interests.

Nick does not offer securities through Silver Oak Securities, Inc.

The single most important thing, to me, is education. I truly believe that building an effective and expansive knowledge base is the quickest way to optimize your plan to efficiently achieve your goals. I’m also committed to customizing your plan to synchronize my services with your needs and bring your dreams for your ideal retirement to life.”

— Nick KelchAssociate Advisor

Our Team is Your Guide to Your Pinnacle

Our founder, RJ Beucler, is a former math teacher, basketball player and basketball coach. That’s why he places the utmost importance on passing. From passing the test to passing the ball, it takes a team to accomplish a goal, and our discipline, tenacity, and persistence is our driving force toward optimizing your finances and finding the most efficient way for you to score. You also want to score as often as possible, and whether it’s in basketball or in your finances, you can’t score all of your points at once. It takes a consistent, focused approach to reach your pinnacle and succeed at the end of the day. Our team helps you streamline your plan and filter through the factors that can make it difficult to achieve your objectives, always looking for new ways to make your life easier. Meet our team below!

RJ Beucler, ChFC®

Owner, Founder and Lead Advisor

Raymond Gettins

Business Development/Chief Compliance Officer

Rob McPheters

Director of Risk Management Research & Operations

Nick Kelch

Associate Advisor & Operations Specialist

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