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Steven Loveless

Investment Committee Member

As an Investment Committee Member at Wealth Sync Partners, Steven assumes responsibility for ensuring that clients receive effective advice in terms of investment due diligence and research. In addition to counseling, he actively manages portfolios for the team.

Raised in a small factory town in northern Indiana, Steven imbibed the importance of hard work from parents who juggled multiple jobs to support the family. Although his initial passion for athletics led to a full basketball scholarship, an injury redirected his focus towards academics.

During his leisure time, Steven engages in reading about investing and analyzing economic data. He consistently strives to enhance his knowledge of the industry and improve his skills as a CIO. Despite this, he maintains his active lifestyle, enjoying exercise and closely following professional football.

One of Steven’s significant aspirations is to contribute to supporting the STEM discipline. This commitment is deeply rooted in his family; his grandfather was an engineer for GM, his mother is a math teacher, and his sister is pursuing a PhD in nuclear physics. Recognizing the value of promoting STEM in public education, Steven is dedicated to playing his part in supporting this cause.

Overall, Steven is committed to aiding clients in achieving their financial goals and providing them with sound investment advice. Serving as the CIO at Wealth Sync Partners is a pleasure for him, and he looks forward to continuing his efforts to make a positive impact in the financial industry.

Steven does not offer securities through Silver Oak Securities, Inc.

I am passionate about helping people grow and finding new ways to enhance my own abilities. I know clients come to us for unique, custom investment strategies, and as the Chief Investment Officer, I am dedicated to helping them. I also love researching and finding new methods that might give them a better chance of achieving their goals and optimizing their lives.”

— Steven LovelessChief Investment Officer

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Our founder, RJ Beucler, is a former math teacher, basketball player and basketball coach. That’s why he places the utmost importance on passing. From passing the test to passing the ball, it takes a team to accomplish a goal, and our discipline, tenacity, and persistence is our driving force toward optimizing your finances and finding the most efficient way for you to score. You also want to score as often as possible, and whether it’s in basketball or in your finances, you can’t score all of your points at once. It takes a consistent, focused approach to reach your pinnacle and succeed at the end of the day. Our team helps you streamline your plan and filter through the factors that can make it difficult to achieve your objectives, always looking for new ways to make your life easier. Meet our team below!

RJ Beucler, ChFC®

Owner, Founder and Lead Advisor

Raymond Gettins

Business Development/Chief Compliance Officer

Rob McPheters

Director of Risk Management Research & Operations

Nick Kelch

Associate Advisor & Operations Specialist

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